Have I Become A Foodie Blogger?

9 October 2012

When I started my blog in February I just wanted to write about our everyday lives, our days out and create a place for my memories. But 6 weeks later I discovered baking. The most baking I'd done since I did Home Economics at high school, was to make a few cornflake buns for Oliver's playgroup cake sale. Baking had never really interested me. Why make something yourself when you can buy it from Sainsbury's right?! Wrong.

I was inspired to do some baking by seeing lots of yummy recipes on other blogs. My first baking post is here. Since then I just kind of fell in love with baking. I really enjoy the actual baking process and especially love decorating my wares to make them look really pretty.

But I get even more pleasure from giving them to family, friends and work colleagues and seeing how much they enjoy them. And it still surprises me when I get compliments about my baking. I have to tell myself to just smile and say thank you when someone tells me how delicious my cake is or asks for my cupcake recipe.

I post recipes on my blog once or twice a week now. My stats are telling me that my baking posts are the most popular and get way more views and comments than anything else on here. Which has surprised me. So I find myself asking if I've become a foodie blogger?  I read so many amazing foodie blogs these days and I'm nowhere near as good as all of those!

One thing I do know, is that still I love writing about our family life and our day's out. I'll never stop writing those kinds of posts. I'll just be a baking/mummy blogger. Yeah, I like the sound of that!

What 'category' does your blog come under? Do we actually need to 'pigeonhole' our blogs?

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