Day Out At... St Leonards Farm

15 October 2012

One of the items of our Summer Adventure Wish List was a visit to a Farm. So when I had a few days off work before Oliver started nursery I took the Darlings to St Leonards Farm. My sister and brother-in-law had taken my nieces there just before us and told us it was brilliant.  

It's nestled in the heart of Esholt Village {which I didn't know till later was the original home of TV's Emmerdale!} near Bradford in West Yorkshire. I think my Sat Nav was going a bit crazy that day {or maybe it's just me that hates Sat Navs!} but it seemed to take us ages to get there.

Our first stop was at the feeding pens. We bought some food bags on our way in and all had a turn at feeding the sheep, lambs, greedy goats and a very friendly donkey. Even Lydia wanted to have a go but couldn't get her head round having to hold her hand flat for the animals to eat the food from!

There's some great outdoor play areas which Oliver and Lydia loved. They played on the bikes, ride-on tractors and a pretend plough. There's a huge playground which is surrounded by nature footpaths and fields full of even more animals that you can feed.

One of the best bits was the straw play barn. It's an old barn piled high with straw bales which have tunnels underneath and rope swings. Oliver had a ball crawling and running through the tunnels and climbing up onto the highest straw bales. Lydia sat playing with the straw and was fascinated by the texture and feel of it!

We had our picnic lunch in the lovely open picnic barn. Then we spent an hour in Farmer James' Fun Barn which is the soft play area. There was a cute under 3's area that was just right for Lydia. Oliver loved the massive slides and went on again and again and again!

Another highlight was the small animal petting room. Oliver loves animals and was delighted to have a hold of a rabbit then a guinea pig. He was really gentle with them... unlike Lydia. I let her have a quick hold of the guinea pig but had to swiftly take it away as I thought she was going to squeeze it to death!

Just before we headed off home, Oliver had a go at milking a {fake!}cow in the milking shed. There were so many different things to see and do and we had such a brilliant day.

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