The Morning Rush

17 September 2012

On our walk to nursery this morning
How hard is it to get us all ready in the morning??!! I never realised it was so difficult. Now I know what other mum's with older kids mean when they say their mornings are a mad rush.

I suppose I've been a bit spoiled before now. I work four mornings per week. If Hubby is on the late shift I usually leave them all in bed asleep so I can get to work for 7.30. If Hubby is on the early shift and the Darlings are at my mum and Dad's, I get them dressed but they have a wash, teeth brushed and breakfast at their house. But I've got this week off work so I've got to do it all myself with a deadline!

Oliver starts nursery at 8.40 and we get up at 7.00 which means we have 1.5 hours to get ready {we set off at 8.30}. Surely that should be enough time to get us all washed, dressed and eat breakfasts {and make-up on for me!} I get everything ready the night before and try to be as organised as possible but I still feel as if we're rushing like mad to get us all out of the door on time.

By the way, today was Oliver's second day at nursery. Although I say 'day' it was actually only one hour. But today was his first time on his own. I'm happy to report that he was absolutely fine. I took him in, gave him a kiss and said 'Have a good time, bye.' As I got to the door I heard him shout 'Mum' and my heart dropped. I thought he was going to start crying but he ran over and gave me and Lydia a big kiss and hug and said bye again and off he went.

Have you got any handy tips for getting your family ready for school in the morning?

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  1. I'm not looking forward to the morning rush when I go back to work and I only have one baby lol x


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