The Downside of Working Part Time

26 September 2012

I've always thought that I've got a great balance by working part time. It's the perfect solution for my family. If you didn't know, I work four mornings a week as an Administrator for a Financial Services company. So I get to spend my weekends and afternoons with the Darlings. Then I have 20 hours of 'me-time' at work. I like my job, the company, my colleagues and {most importantly} I feel like 'Debra' not just 'Mummy'. 

I've worked part time for over two years. But I've only recently discovered a few negatives. I'm the only one in my team who works part time and sometimes I feel like I'm forgotten about. Left out.

Take today for example. We always have our team meetings on Thursday mornings. But our next meeting has been arranged for a Monday morning. I don't work on Mondays so I'm going to miss it. I just feel that I was forgotten about when it was arranged. 

Also, we've had a bit of a desk move recently due to our team expanding. It was assumed that because I work less hours than everyone else, I would be shoved onto a desk away from the rest of my team {with a different team}. I can't join in with their conversations any more. I feel separated from them. I feel left out. I feel like a second class citizen! I always loved my job because it was such a fab team. But now I'm away from them it's not so much fun.

I suppose you can't have it all though. I'm lucky enough to have the option of working part time so I shouldn't really moan about it! 


  1. Lol I know how you feel I work part time 18 hrs per week in a children's centre, I like working as its all about me and my time to develop myself....does have its downsides too....but I'm grateful I can work and still enjoy those sepecail family moments xxxx best of both I would say xxxx

  2. I'm looking to go back to work part time, I'd never thought there could be downsides but I suppose there is.
    I found your blog through blog hop btw and I'm now following


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