Reasons To Be Cheerful - 06.09.12

6 September 2012

I can't believe I nearly forgot about R2BC this week... again! I've been really slack with my blogging lately. I seem to have lots of posts to write up about our days out and yummy things I've been baking but I'm so shattered in the evenings that I just end up vegged on the sofa. Anyway, I'll get round to them ASAP but in the meantime it's time to look at all the lovely things that I'm grateful for in my life.

Thank you to Marie at Tiger Tales who is hosting this week. Please pop over and and pay her a visit and say a little hello. Next week Michelle at Mummy From The Heart is back hosting R2BC after her well deserved break over the summer. The guest hosts over the last few weeks have all done a fab job so well done ladies!

Here comes the cheerfulness...
  • I had the week off work last week and I'm only working two days this week, three days next week then the week after I have a full week off again! Everyone at work has been joking with me that they've barely seen me over the past few weeks. I do love my job but I love having this extra time to spend with my Darlings. We had a lovely day out last week at St Leonards Farm. We had such a wonderful time feeding the sheep, goats and donkeys {or 'donk donks' as Lydia calls them!} Oliver loved holding a rabbit and guinea pig and having a go at miking a {pretend} cow! 
  • It's nearly time for Oliver to start pre-school. The pre-school is the nursery that is attached to the Infants & Juniors school and he'll be going five mornings a week. His key worker who is the nursery teacher came to our house for her home visit on Tuesday. She showed Oliver a photo album of all the nursery assistants and all the activities they do and had a little chat with him. She's lovely, I really liked her. Tomorrow morning we're going for a stay and play session and he starts officially next Friday. This is the reason I've got so much time off work coming up, so I can take him and pick him up and make sure I'm there while he settles in during his first week. I can't believe my baby boy is growing up so fast and this time next year he'll be starting school!
  • My Caramel Dime Bar Cupcakes won the Funky Foodies Award for August on the blog of Scottish Mum. I never win anything so I was overjoyed that my cupcakes won an award. I believe I'll be receiving a shiny winners medal and I'll be proudly displaying the winners badge on my blog. 
  • Last week I wrote about the Minnie Mouse cake that I was making for my niece Chloe's first birthday. Well, I was so happy with it and so proud of myself! It was only the second decorated cake I've done and it was much better than the first one! I got lots of lovely compliments about it at her birthday party and it's my birthday next so I'm already planning to make an extra special cake for myself!

    So what have you got to smile about this week? If you want to see what other people are cheerful about, pop on over to to read their stories or follow the links below!


    1. Well done on the win! And the cake looks amazing. :D

    2. I love this post. So much positivity! Your cakes look amazing - and well done on the win for your cupcakes. They sound delicious. Good luck to your little man starting pre-school. I hope he gets on well, and that you're able to find some free 'me' time in your time off whilst he's at pre-school to get some of your to do list done...or just put your feet up and eat one of your delicious cakes! :0)

      1. Aww thanks Mummy Plum. Unfortunately there'll be no 'me time' as I'll be at work when he's at pre-school! xx

    3. I'm not surprised your cupcakes won, that Minnie cake is amazing. Love the lettering too. I hope your little man settles in just fine at nursery and doesn't give you cause for concern. Visiting from the linky x

    4. What a fantastic cake! And congrats on your cupcake award! x

    5. That cake does look very good. I am impressed. Great farm pics too.

    6. Ahh a beautiful cake and glad you have had lots of good time off over the summer, me too - so important!

      Mich x


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