Oliver's First Week At Nursery

22 September 2012

So the first week is now behind us. I'm very happy to report that Oliver has settled into nursery {pre-school} amazingly well. I was a bit apprehensive about how he would settle in. It took him a couple of weeks {and lots of tears} to get used to playgroup when he started there last October. But he's settled into nursery perfectly and seems to be loving it. 

I've had all week off work so that I could be there for his first week. He goes to nursery every morning and I work four mornings a week so will only be doing the school run on Mondays. Hubby or my Dad will do it the other days.

So Monday was his first day there on his own and was just a one hour session. When I went to collect him he said 'what are you doing here?' and he wanted to stay there which was a good sign. On Tuesday he stayed for the full three hour morning session. I missed him like crazy but it was nice to spend some time with Lydia. When we went collect him we got lots of kisses and cuddles {which is quite rare!}.

He's been quite tired though. He was complaining that he didn't want to get up in a morning and was still tired. So he's been going to bed at about 6.45-7.00 at the latest!

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