Oliver's First Day at Nursery

15 September 2012

Yesterday the day finally arrived for Oliver's first official day at nursery. However as they have quite a lengthy settling in period, it was only a one hour visit and I had to stay with him. We've been for several visits already so it was similar to what we've done before.

The school where the nursery is, is only 5 minutes walk away from our house and two minutes from my parents house. So we dropped Lydia off with my parents and walked across to nursery for nine o'clock.

We were greeted by his lovely teacher and Oliver had to find his name on the board and put it in the box {his picture is an octopus}. Then we found his coat hook with his very smiley photo next to it! Then he went off to play. He played with the Brio train set with his little friend from playgroup. Then he played in the wet sand, the dry sand and the water. He painted a picture, played with playdough and did a bit of craft {which consisted of punching holes into a piece of paper!}

I just tried to stay in the background and he mostly went off to play on his own. He was very comfortable and just occasionally looked over at me for a bit of reassurance. He was happy to talk to the other children and the teachers.

All too soon the hour was over and it was time to leave. On Monday, Oliver is going for an hour on his own. I'm sure he'll be fine and I'm also sure that the only tears will be from me!

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