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24 September 2012

I'm quite getting into making my own cards. This time it I was making a card for my Mum & Dad's wedding anniversary. I made a card a few weeks ago for my Great Auntie as an acceptance card for her 90th birthday lunch {have a look here}. I've since bought lots more crafty bits and pieces as I'm planning to make some Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift tags this year {see my post here}.

Anyway, I must have a thing for bunting as I used this theme again. As you know I like to keep things simple and easy so... I cut a 3mm piece of ribbon slightly smaller than the width of the card. Then I cut 6 pieces of washi tape {3 of each design} into lengths of about 6cm. I folded these over the ribbon and stuck them together. Then I cut the chevron shape at the bottom of each piece. Next I cut a 3mm strip of each washi tape and stuck these over the ends of the ribbon to secure the bunting to the card. Then it was stamping time! I used my alphabet stamp set with red ink. It was quite tricky to get it straight. This card was my second attempt and it's still a bit wonky. 

Overall I was pleased with how it looked. I'm sure there are much fancier handmade cards out there but it's pretty and simple which is what I like. And my Mum & Dad loved their card too!

Do you make your own greeting cards? Where do you get your ideas for designs?

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