Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

2 September 2012

I know my post's have been a little thin on the ground over the past week. But with good reason. I've been extremely busy making this...

And these...

They were all for my niece Chloe's first birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow but her party was today so I've spent all weekend baking and icing and cutting and decorating and piping and baking and icing some more. Hubby has been working this weekend and I've been in the kitchen a lot so I feel like my little darlings have been a bit neglected! Take this morning, when I was making the cupcakes... for most of the time they played nicely but when I went to check on them the living room it was a wreck! I think they had every single toy in the house out. 

I thoroughly enjoyed making the cake but I'm glad it's over with now. I'm exhausted. I'm also relieved that it turned out well and I can stop dreaming about Minnie Mouse now.  I don't know how people do it all the time as it's so time consuming.

So we've had a truly fabulous party this afternoon with lovely family and friends. I had lots of amazing compliments about the cake. The next birthday in mine and I'm already planning what cake to make for myself!


  1. Fab cake!!! I bet she loved it!

    1. Thank you Jess, my niece loved it but tore the ears off it! xx

  2. Love those cupcakes! Well done, you have a talent x x

  3. Omg - they are amazing. I just posted about my birthday cake efforts, I now cower in shame :) never mind, it was lovely to see/ read and gave me something to aim for.

  4. So cute birthday cake! I especially adore cupcakes with cake! Great job!

  5. firstly, thank you for linking your brilliant cake and cupcakes to my linky.
    i love how you have decorated the cakes, big and small, i can not work with icing paste i need to practise i guess. it is hard work making a cake isn't it especially when it is for someone else - nothing like a bit of added pressure x x x


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