Day Out At... Blackpool!

12 September 2012

A couple of weeks ago Hubby had a rare weekend off work so we made the impromptu decision to have a day at the seaside.  After a rather lengthly discussion about where to go, we decided on Blackpool. I spent many a happy day {and nights out} in Blackpool over the years but haven't been for a long time. Yes it has a reputation for being full of stag and hen parties but we weren't going to be going in any pubs were we?!

One of the things on my Summer Wish List was to go to the seaside so I'm happy we've ticked off another item on the list.

We parked near Blackpool Tower {which looks like it has a big bandage on at the moment!} and made our way to the promenade. I was surprised to see that the whole sea front has been revamped and looks lovely. On the promenade right below the tower there is a huge 'Comedy Carpet' which is an artwork that quotes the jokes, songs and catchphrases of British comedians. While we sat on one of the adjacent benches eating our picnic lunch, I had a good giggle at some of the jokes.

Walking along the seafront the weather was quite miserable - cloudy, windy and cold. After our picnic lunch we walked further along the sea front  past the lifeboat house and towards the central pier.

The darlings had an absolute ball on the pier. Oliver was amazed by the water below us and kept peering between the wooden boards to look at the water. They went on a roundabout together and were sat in a little breakdown truck. Lydia found the button for the horn which they both thought was hilarious!

Then the strangest thing happened. While we were on the pier it suddenly became very hot and sunny! It was a total turnaround from the morning weather. So we went onto the beach, changed the darlings into their swimwear {organised mummy had put them in the bag just in case} layered on the sunscreen and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the sand and paddling in the sea. It was fabulous. I think I loved it as much as the darlings did.

After a fish and chip tea {it's compulsory at the seaside!} we set off back home. And all that fresh sea air knocked Lydia out and she fell asleep within seconds of getting in the car!

What's your favourite seaside destination? Are you lucky enough to live at the seaside?

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  1. Oh Debra, what a delightful outing you had. Just fabulous. Thanks so much for linking up with the POTMC. J x


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