Countdown to Christmas!

19 September 2012

Yes it's that time of year *said through gritted teeth*. It's just under 100 days to Christmas. I'm filled with equal amounts of excitement and dread at the thought of the Christmas period.

You see, Hubby and I did a very silly thing. We didn't plan things very well, so both our Darlings have their birthdays near to Christmas. Lydia's is 2 weeks before and Oliver's is 10 days after.

I've always loved Christmas though. It's my absolute favourite time of year. But I just also dread it a little bit now. I feel like I have to be twice as organised because of the birthdays. So, I've been making plans for a while. The past few weeks have been dedicated to lots of list making and buying bits and pieces.

I really want to make my own cards, wrapping paper and gift tags this year. I love the cards and wrapping ideas below that I found on Pinterest. So, a little at a time, I've been buying all the crafty things that I'll need. Card blanks, brown paper, manilla gift tags, different coloured ribbon, red and white cord, a set of alphabet stamps, different coloured inks and some washi tapes.

I also want to make a Christmas Advent calendar as I'm so sick of the cardboard calendars in the supermarkets. I just think it would be so lovely to have something handmade that we can use every year. The calendars below are made with small boxes {e.g. matchboxes} stuck onto a metal background with magnetic tape. Yes I probably will put chocolate or sweets in them, but I'll also put a little note in some of the boxes too with a Christmas activity for us all to do. So now I need to buy all the bits and pieces to make it.

I don't make it easy for myself do I? But I'm really looking forward to getting a bit crafty and doing it differently this year.

Have you started planning for Christmas yet? Will you be making anything?


  1. Similarly we didn't really time things too well on the birthday front. My son is the 20th Nov, I'm 26th, my partner the 3rd Dec and baby due 17th...oops! So I try to plan ahead any way I can, have already got a small stash of bits for my son, but always struggle with my partner. Like you I have a lot of things pinned on pinterest...I just need to start crafting now! Good luck with all your makes x

    1. Oh dear you really have got lots on close to Christmas. I was due with Lydia on 20th December but was so happy to be induced 10 days early! Good luck with all your crafting too... we don't make it easy for ourselves do we? But it'll be worth it! xx


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