The Most Relaxing Day Ever!

29 August 2012

What an absolutely amazing, relaxing, chilled out day I had yesterday! My sister Dawn and I arrived at Titanic Spa at 9.30am for our Heat & Ice Experience day. We went back in January so knew what we were doing this time! After our welcome drink, we had a flick through the brochure of treatments and decided to go for a Decleor facial. So we changed into our swimwear and towelling robes and made our way to the 'Experience Rooms'.

My favourite was the Crystal Steam Room

The Heat Experiences are: the Crystal Steam Room, Herbal Infusion Room, Aromatherapy Room,  Saunarium and Sauna cabin. The Heat & Ice Experience is all about cleansing and detoxing your body and they say it's important to cool down after using one of the heat experiences as it helps to moderates your body temperature and also invigorates the body and stimulates the nerve endings leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.

The Cooling Experiences are: the Ice room, Plunge pool and Experience showers {an ice cold shower!} Last time we went I was too scared to go in the plunge pool but I made myself do it this time to get the best of the whole experience. Yes it was freezing but it actually felt amazing. It really made my skin tingle and feel really fresh and smooth.

Dawn had her facial at 11.00 but mine was at 12.00 so while she was having her treatment, I spent more time in the Heat & Ice Experience rooms. I went in all the different heat rooms and cooled down in the plunge pool or ice room between each heat room. It was just super relaxing and left me feeling very chilled out!

Then it was time for my facial. I've had a few facial's in the past but they paled into insignificance compared to this. The therapist, cleansed, toned, exfoliated, masked and moisturised, all while massaging my face and shoulders and giving the most awesome head massage. My skin was glowing and I felt all floaty and even more relaxed when it finished!

Mega relaxing facial

Lunch was then served in the Bistro which was a buffet consisting of vegetable curry and rice, chicken in white wine sauce, new potatoes, jacket potatoes, various salads and ciabatta bread smothered in butter! It was delicious!

After lunch we had planned to have a swim, but we only managed a quick dip as the pool was really cold! So we decided to go to the Relaxation Lounge which is filled with beanbags, loungers, pillows and lovely soothing music and dimmed lighting. I got very comfy on a huge beanbag and laid back and read my kindle for a while and before I knew it I was waking up an hour later!

The Relaxation Lounge

After a quick shower, we then went back to the Bistro for afternoon tea of scones smothered in jam and clotted cream with a lovely latte for me and tea for Dawn.

It really was the most fabulous relaxing day ever. Dawn and I are both busy working mums of young children and we both felt like we deserved a day to spoil ourselves. We left feeling relaxed and refreshed {and sleepy} and made a pact that we'll have visit again as soon as possible!

Have you ever been to a Spa? How did it make you feel?

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