Reasons To Be Cheerful - 16.08.12

16 August 2012

I'll keep it brief today as I'm shattered! We've had a lovely day out today but all I want to do now is curl up on the sofa with a coffee and cupcake and watch whatever is on telly.

Julie at Mama OWL is hosting this fab linky this week. Just click on the R2BC pic on the right to pop over and visit her.

Here comes the cheerfulness..

1 //   Hubby and I have got a few days off work. I only had to work Tuesday and Wednesday this week which was ace. We're going to  make most the of our days off and the nice weather. We had a brilliant day today {see No.2 below) and I think we might have a visit to the seaside this weekend. 

2 //  Today, we've had a fantastic day out at Knowsley Safari Park. We've seen lions, tigers, zebras, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, camels and a fantastic sealion show. But the absolute best bit for me was having baboons climbing all over the car! I think I was more excited than the Darlings!

One of the Baboon's who came to say hello!

3 //  I started my new job this week. Although, I'm actually not doing my new job because they haven't found a replacement for me yet. At least I'm getting the extra money for doing the same job. I hope to be able to tell you that I've started my new role properly very soon.

4 //  Have you noticed the lack of cupcake recipe posts recently? I just hadn't made any for a couple of weeks. I've been busy baking other sweet treats like cakes and yummy desserts. But you know that cupcakes are my favourites though. Well I made some absolutely delicious Caramel Dime Bar Cupcakes yesterday. The recipe will be on the blog shortly.

5  // My sister and I have booked a Spa day that we're going to in a couple of weeks. We went back in January and I blogged about it here. It was such a wonderful day of total relaxation and it can't come soon enough now. I can't flipping wait! My sister has got two young daughters so we're both really excited about it. Until then, I'll spend some time daydreaming about the crystal steam room, aromatherapy room and the relaxation lounge!

So what have you got to smile about this week? If you want to see what other people are cheerful about, pop on over to Mama OWL to read their stories or follow the linky below!


  1. Sounds like a great week, congrats on the new job and those cupcakes - ohh to die for. Mich x

  2. Those cupcakes look lovely. :) Congrats on the new role!

    1. Thanks Drania. I just wish I was actually doing my new role already! xx

  3. Congratulations on the new job, the cupcakes look divine. I have done hardly any baking recently, I miss it! Enjoy the spa day, very jealous! x

    1. Thank you! Hope you find some time for a spot of baking really soon xx


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