Pugneys Country Park

14 August 2012

This weekend we made the most of the fact that Hubby had a rare weekend off work. Yes it's lovely to have some extra money generated by him working overtime, but it's even nicer to be able to do things as a family of four. 

I knew exactly how we would spend our day, as we haven't ticked off anything on our Summer Adventure Wish List yet. So the day out of choice was Pugney's Country Park. We haven't been before but my friend at work keeps telling me to take the Darlings. There are two lakes, a watersport centre and a cafe.

Google said it was only half an hours drive away so we set off mid-morning to try and make sure Lydia would sleep in the car {she did, for all of 15 minutes!} and to get there in time for our picnic lunch.

When we got there we were greeted by the sight of the huge lake {100 acres to be precise} with a few sailing boats bobbing up and down. There's a flat, 1.6 mile footpath around the lake so we set off on a leisurely walk. The lake is surrounded by patches of grassy banks perfect for picnics, so before long we set up our little pitch with our picnic feast lunch. 

 It was a lovely warm day. A bit overcast when we got there, but as the clouds disappeared later it was very hot. We all slapped on some factor 50 sun cream {except Hubby with his Mediterranean skin that tans so nicely!} and the battle commenced to get the Darlings to keep their sun hats on.

Along the way Oliver made friends with a very friendly dog. Oliver was throwing the ball {not very far!} and the dog was fetching it. This went on and on for a long time and they both loved it. I think Oliver wanted to bring the dog home with us.

Round the next corner was a handily parked ice cream van. We all had an ice cream cone with a flake. Recently I've learned a very important lesson about ice cream. ALWAYS GET THE SAME FOR EVERYONE! It saves so many arguments with the Darlings wanting to swap and asking for one thing then wanting another when they see something different. I learned this the hard way but it's a rule I will continue for a long time!

As we neared the end of our walk back at the car park and cafe, we came to a miniature train line. Well of course the Darlings wanted a go and who did they want to accompany them? Yes lucky me! I must admit that I loved it though. It was good as it went through the fields and woodland near to the lake so it was lovely.

We were all well and truly shattered so headed back to the car. It was such a lovely day and we'll definitely put it on our list of places to visit again.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day! Love the ice cream photos! x

    1. It really was a lovely day. You can't beat taking photos of your kids covered in ice cream! x


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