New Bikes

7 August 2012

It's rather unfortunate that both of my Darlings have their birthdays very close to Christmas. Obviously this means they get lots of presents at once but nothing else major throughout the year. So Hubby and I decided earlier this year that they would both get new bikes this summer. They had a really old smart trike that we were given when Oliver was little, but that's since been relegated to my parents house. With one thing or another we've only just got round to actually buying them.

So off we went to Toys R Us on Sunday afternoon. Oliver got a lovely shiny big boys bike with stabilisers and Lydia got a cute Ben & Holly pink trike. Both were half price so I was delighted to get such a great bargain too!

Now I'd love to show you photos of them both having fun on their bikes but I can't! Unfortunately our first outing on the bikes was a complete failure. We walked to my parents house which normally takes about 10 minutes. Well it took us half an hour to get there as Oliver had a tantrum and refused to get on the bike as he was struggling to pedal it. So I had to carry it and push Lydia on her bike. I was a bit mad with Oliver because, if he can't do something he just gives up and won't try. Maybe I'm too hard on him but I wish he'd try a bit harder and have another go. This afternoon when Lydia was having her nap, I suggested to Oliver that he could have another go on his bike in the garden and I would help him and practice with the pedals... but no, he wasn't interested. This evening after tea, I took them to the local platground and suggested taking his bike... which was met with a 'no' again. Oh well, he'll get there eventually, and as soon as he gets the hang of it I know he'll love it and we won't be able to get him off the bike.

Have your children struggled with riding a bike? 
How did you overcome it and help them to learn?


  1. This hint is a bit late now you've bought the bikes but mine could all ride two wheeler by 4 after using balance bikes (the ones without pedals). According to my local bike shop man all children can or quickly get the hang of pedalling; it's the balance that's tricky - it worked for me. xx

    1. Thanks for the tip I wish I'd tried a balance bike now! Oh well, we'll just keep gently helping him to learn with the pedals. xx

  2. Don't worry. You can take good opportunity to instruct him slowly, or maybe you can let him learn to ride with other children.

    1. I'll be more patient and not take both children out on their bikes so I can help him more! xx


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