Handmade Bunting Card

15 August 2012

In October my Auntie Elsie will celebrate her 90th birthday. And to celebrate {naturally!} she's having an afternoon tea party at a local Golf Club. We received our invitations a few weeks ago and I'm ashamed to say I pinned it on my notice board and kind of forgot about it. I kept looking at it and thinking I'll have to buy an acceptance card soon. Then one day I was browsing Pinterest {my favourite pastime} and came across some hand made cards using bunting which looked really pretty. Regular readers of my blog will know I'm not the crafty type but these looked quite simple so I thought I'd have a go at making one.

So I gathered my scissors and glue, along with a blank card, some wrapping paper, a gift tag, a couple of buttons and some plain coloured paper {all things I had the cupboards}.

First I cut the flags from the wrapping paper and plain paper. I cut them in diamond shapes and folded them to make triangles. This took quite a few attempts until I got five that were right. 

Then, I took the cord off the gift tag to use as the string, folded the flags over it and glued the ends together. I placed this onto the card where I wanted it to go. 

Next I put some glue on the back of each button and stuck them on the card securing each end of the string.

Then I printed out the wording onto white paper and cut it out. I also cut some plain pink paper about 5mm bigger. Finally, I stuck them both onto the card and it was finished!

I was really pleased with my card. I thought it looked really pretty and the great thing is that you could use any wording on them... Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Thank You... to suit the occasion. Even better it didn't cost me a penny!

What do you think of my card? Have you ever made any cards?


  1. You should link this with the Pinterest Challenge http://pinaddictschallenge.com/ this website is its new home and will have entries on the first Monday of each month. (By the way was I your 10,000th visitor?)

    1. Ooh yes I'll definitely link up, I love Pinterest! And no I haven't got to 10,000 visitors yet, still about 20 to go! X

  2. That is a really pretty card, I love it!

  3. Thanks Jennifer. Luckily it was really easy to make xx


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