Ten Minutes Of Peace

17 July 2012

On Sunday the Darlings and I left Hubby in bed to have a lie in (it was his first day off in 13 days) so I made them breakfast, got them dressed, washed and teeth brushed. Put the dishes away, emptied the washing machine (cursing Oliver's recent obsession with carrying a tissue in his pocket and me for not checking his pockets!), hung the washing out to dry, hoovered downstairs, swept the hallway, (at this point I sent Oliver to wake up hubby!) and got all our swimming stuff ready. After swimming and lunch at McDonald's, I brought the washing in, hung our swimming stuff out to dry, put all the dry clothes away, played with Oliver,  swept the kitchen, made dinner for everyone, cleaned up the post dinner mess, changed Lydia's exploded poo nappy, shouted at hubby for playing on his phone for the last two hours, and told him to keep the Darlings downstairs while I went for a shower.

It was bliss. Ten whole minutes to myself under a gorgeous hot shower. Those ten minutes made the stresses of the day melt away....

Then I heard two sets of little feet coming up the stairs and it was time for the bedtime mayhem to begin!

How do you relax? How often does it happen?


  1. Like you my relaxations are normally going to the loo by myself or having a shower and they are the times alone I get when I say "watch Aaron for 10 minutes".
    Other than that I NEVER got me time, but now, I am swimming in it as I have been made redundant and haven't cancelled the 3 day a week childcare (I worked part-time).
    Weird having time on my hands after NONE for 2 years.
    My days (as my husband does shifts) are very very like yours described, nearly every day.
    Liska xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your redundancy but at least you've got some time to yourself now. I'd find it weird too though! I don't know what I did with my time before I had kids, I must have been very bored! X


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