30 July 2012

Look at these little beauties that I planted at the weekend! 

Our garden is not great but I try to brighten it up with some flowers over the summer. For some reason {maybe the abundance of rain!} I hadn't planted anything yet this year. But we went to our local farm shop on Saturday afternoon and I saw these. There were three sunflowers in each pot and they cost £3.50 for two pots... a bargain in my opinion! 

Last year we planted some sunflower seeds that we got from a play session at our local children's centre. One of the activities was planting some seeds in soil in a little plastic cup. Oliver planted them and we brought them home and popped them outside on the windowsill. I didn't give them much thought for a couple of weeks but then I noticed they'd started sprouting so I transferred them to some proper pots. I gave them lots of TLC and they grew into the tallest, most gorgeous sunflowers! Our garden is south facing so we get the sun from 9am to 6pm and there's barely any shade so the sunflowers loved it. They just needed lots and lots of water. 

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have good growers again this year. As soon as I finished planing them, the heavens opened so they had a really good drink. I'll keep you updated!


  1. They are lovely! I planted some from seed myself and only one survived and it's really scrawny. We have lots in the vegetable patch that seeded themself and they are doing amazingly well!

  2. Oh I wish I'd planted them from seed again, it was quite exciting seeing them grow so big last year. I don't think these will get very tall as they've flowered already x


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