Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC

7 July 2012

With one thing and another I've not done my Reasons to be Cheerful for the last two weeks. I've really missed it. It's my absolute favourite linky! Although I'm two days late with it this week because I've had a busy week.... more about that below.

Anyway, please pop over to visit Mich at Mummy From The Heart who hosts this fab linky by clicking on the pic on the left.

Here comes the cheerfulness....

1 //  In my last R2BC I talked about my battles with Oliver. He was being so defiant and everything was a battle of wills. Well he's now behaving better because we started a reward chart for him. He's got five targets on it which are: no hurting, use kind words, do as you're told, share and no dummy {he's never even had a dummy but Lydia does, so he's recently become obsessed with having one too!} Each day just before bedtime we put the stickers on his chart that he's earned that day. And when he gets them all he gets a treat which this time is a new toy lorry {a cheap one!} So now if he's misbehaving, I warn him that if he continues he won't have his sticker and he'll go on the naughty spot. That usually does the trick so hopefully we're on the right track now.

Oliver and his cousin Amelia
2  //  It was Oliver's Graduation Concert at his playgroup this morning. I absolutely love the little concert that they have at the end of each term. The playgroup is in the community rooms of a church so the concert is held in the actual church and all the children sing a few songs. It's nice and simple as they're aged from 2 to 4 but it is just the cutest thing ever. Oliver hardly ever sings at home and at his last concert he stood right at the front and sang every word and did all the song actions {which made me cry}. The concert today was extra special because it was his last concert there as in September he's starting pre-school.

 3 //  It was my work's Summer Party last night. I haven't been to a works party for a long time so I was really looking forward to it. I wore my new maxi dress and sparkly sandals! There was a hog roast which was yummy with the most delish crackling ever! There was also a bucking bronco {I did not partake!}, hook-a-duck, coconut shy and mini golf games. And best of all free drinks! There were quite a few sore heads at work this morning... including me even though I only had 3 drinks!

4 //  I've lost 3lbs in the first two weeks back on my diet. I've found it quite easy to get back into the swing of things. I've been basically eating what I normally do but watching my portion sizes, weighing out food and eating low fat versions. I just need to make sure that I fill in my food diary every day as this really helps to keep me on track. I'm not sure how I'll have done this week after that hog roast and drinks last night though!

So what have you got to smile about this week? If you want to see what other people are cheerful about, pop on over to Mummy from the Heart to read their stories or follow the linky below!


  1. So glad your Oliver is learning to behave. Told mine he behaved better at 2 than at 5 ;-)
    Pre-school concerts are just amazing

    1. Thanks for visiting Becky. Thankfully he is behaving better, he seems to go through phases of being b=good and bad! The concerts are just so cute :) xx


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