Picnics and Paddling In The Park

27 July 2012

The Darlings aren't at school yet, but the school holidays still mean that there is no playgroup for Oliver and no toddler group for the next six weeks. So what shall we do on a Monday morning now? Well a few of the mums who usually go to toddler group {one of whom is my lovely sister with my gorgeous nieces!}  decided to meet up in the park and have a picnic this week.

After a swing and a slide in the playground, we set up our picnic blankets on the big field. All the children had a run around, chasing after footballs, playing on the scooter and even flying a kite! Then we had our picnic lunch. Typically, I didn't have much food in the house {my Adsa delivery was due that afternoon} but I managed to throw together a few sandwiches, breadsticks, yoghurts, fruit, crisps and drinks! Not exactly exciting but there's something about al fresco eating that makes everything taste good.

Then it was time for the real fun! Swimsuits were donned and the factor 50 was slapped on as it was absolutely boiling. The kids had a fantastic time paddling and splashing each other {and me!} The water was a bit chilly, but Oliver didn't seem to mind when was laying down in it trying to swim!

By now the Darlings were both shattered so it was home time. But we managed to squeeze in a ride on the teacups with their cousin Amelia. I was a bit worried that Lydia might not like it or might try to stand up as she's only 18 months old,  but she loved it! They all did.

Now we're looking forward to meeting everyone again on Monday. We're going to a different park this time but we'll all have our picnics and be ready for more fun.

Do you have a brilliant local park? How often do you visit?


  1. Lovely day out I would say! Very lovely!

    1. It was lovely. Just hoping for some more nice weather so we can have more picnics xx


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