My Motivation Is Back

4 July 2012

Back in February when I started blogging I was a few weeks into my new diet. It was going well. Really well. I was losing on average 2lbs a week. By April I'd lost 16lbs and was getting nice comments from people who'd noticed that I'd lost some weight. I felt better, a bit more confident and had more energy.

Then Easter arrived and it all went a bit wrong. The Darlings had a ridiculous amount of Easter eggs and chocolate, seriously they'd still be eating them now if me and Hubby hadn't helped out! This kind of threw me off track and I just never got back into the healthy eating properly. I didn't go mad though, I was still eating low fat things. Anyway, I could tell I'd put a bit of weight back on. 6lbs to be precise.

So now we've booked our holiday for next year {we're going to Menorca next May} and I've got my motivation back. I do not want to be the fattest woman at the pool or beach. I want to feel 'ok' in my swimsuit {no bikinis for me!} I know I'll never be skinny and I don't want to be, as that's not me

So I'm aiming to lose 1lb per week which is a sensible and do-able amount. It's 44 weeks till our holidays so if I lost another 44lbs {just over 3 stones} that would be flipping amazing. And 2 weeks in, I've already lost 3lbs so it's a good start. I'm back to logging everything on my food diary on Nutracheck, eating smaller portions and doing a bit of exercise. I'll put updates on my blog as to how I'm doing and fingers crossed that they'll mostly be telling you how it's going in the right direction.

The diet won't stop me baking though. I'll just have to resist all the yummy cupcakes that I make and start giving more of them away! !

Are you on a healthy eating plan {diet!}? How's it going? Share your story with me and we can help to motivate each other.


  1. I am not on a diet but I try and eat healthily during the week, I cheat a bit at the weekends but the key is on Sunday night when you go to bed throw away all the food you shouldn't really be eating. So, as with the Easter choc, don't feel guilty about throwing away food that might sabotage your efforts.

    Good Luck!

  2. That sounds like a great plan. I hate throwing food away though! xx


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