Ice Cream, Animals and Quad Pods

24 July 2012

This weekend, the sun finally decided to make a very welcome appearance and we certainly made the most of it. My sister told me about a lovely place not too far away that they'd been to a few weeks ago. Charlotte's Ice Cream Parlour is located on the edge of a little village called Whitley overlooking both Huddersfield and Wakefield, in West Yorkshire. Their ice cream is made from the milk produced by their Jersey Cows that graze in nearby meadows. 

As soon as we got there, we went straight into the ice cream parlour to choose our favourite flavour. Oliver and Hubby had mango {Oliver chose it because it was yellow!}, Lydia had raspberry ripple and I had rum & raisin. To be honest it wasn't the best ice cream I've ever tasted but it was still really yummy.

There are loads of things to keep the kids entertained too. Oliver loved the huge inflatable slide and we couldn't get him off it. Poor Lydia was not happy that she couldn't go on as she's too small... she wants to do everything that her brother does. Oliver also had a ride on the Charlotte's Express miniature train which was fab and went round for ages! Then he went on the Quad Pods. I've never seen them before but it's a quad bike pulling five pods which are made from big plastic tubs! It rides around the adjacent field and is a really bumpy ride. I could see Oliver bouncing up and down but he loved it!

The playground was brilliant too. There is a tractor and combine harvester climbing frame. They were quite big but even Lydia managed to climb up and go down the slide. The downside was that the playground was a bit muddy due to all the rain last week, so they were both filthy... but that's always a sign that they had a good time!

There is also a bit of a farm too. Along with the Jersey cows,  there are mountain goats, chickens, geese, a very friendly donkey, two huge black pigs, and a peacock. The Darlings absolutely love anything involving animals and Lydia is especially enthralled by them. She was so cute shouting 'hiya ki-ki' at the chickens!

After all the rain we've had recently, it was so nice to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air with the sun not quite blazing but peeping out from behind the clouds. It was a really lovely afternoon.

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  1. Hi Debra, me and my two are the world's biggest fans of Charlotte's! It's amazing how few people know about it.

    Anna x


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