Christening Cupcakes

11 July 2012

I thought it would be nice to make some cupcakes for my niece's christening. So when I offered my services to my sister, she asked me to make some pink and lilac cupcakes to match the cake that she had already ordered. I decided to make half with vanilla sponge with pink icing, pink glitter sprinkles and a pink rice paper butterfly and the other half with chocolate sponge, lilac icing, lilac glitter sprinkles and a lilac butterfly. The cupcake wrappers and stand came as a free gift in a baking magazine called Cupcakes and Sweet Treats, that I bought a couple of months ago.

I spent the whole day baking on Saturday and did a bit more on Sunday morning when I decided to make a few more and decorate them all. It's lucky that I made a few spares as shortly after the photos below were taken, two cupcakes fell of the top tier of the stand and splatted on the table! 

I was really pleased with how the cupcakes turned out, they looked so cute and girly. I didn't see the cake beforehand so just winged it with the colours, but they were a perfect match. I had lots of lovely comments about them at the Christening, some people thought they'd been made by a professional not little old me! Most of all I was really happy that they were all scoffed!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Vikki, I only managed a quick bite of my son's cupcake but it was yummy! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Danielle, I was so happy with how they looked too! xx


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