Another New Baking Recipe Book!

9 July 2012

I just couldn't resist another baking book. The Book People come to work once a month and bring a selection of books which you can order at a seriously low price. There's always something that catches my eye but I loved this one because it's actually aimed at children {aged 7+}. It has a really simple step by step guide for each recipe with clear pictures to follow so you know you're doing it right. And I'll let you into a little secret. I'm notorious for not reading recipes properly! I know it's the first rule of baking, but I'm guilty of breaking it all the time. So I hope this book with the fab pictures and step by step instructions will help me break my bad habit!

Anyway there are over 75 recipes in it... cakes, muffins, biscuits, cookies, breads, desserts and of course cupcakes. I haven't made anything yet but there are lots of recipes that I want to try out... Banana and Buttermilk Cake, Rocky Road Cookies, Flapjacks, Baked Raspberry Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue Pie, Banoffee Pie, Carrot Cupcakes. That's just to start with. And of course I'll post each recipe that I try out on here.

What is your favourite?  I'm always on the look out for more!

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