A Monster Called Tom

18 June 2012

Oliver can be infuriating and wonderful in equal measures. But he's got a brilliant imagination. I think listening to endless Julia Donaldson stories at bedtime has helped to develop his story telling skills. 
Here's a funny conversation I had with Oliver while driving home from Asda the other day.

Oliver:  Mummy one day there was a little monster in my bedroom and it pushed me out of bed
Me:  Was it like little monster off Justin's House?
Oliver:  Yes.
Me:  What did you do?
Oliver:  I kicked it out of bed
Me:  Oh. how did it get in your bedroom?
Oliver:  It came in the door and came upstairs
Me:  But I lock the door so nobody can get in
Oliver:  It had a magic key. It was called Tom
Me:  Tom?
Oliver:  Yes and it had a baby called inga lund
Me:  Do you mean England?
Oliver: Yes. And the mummy was called Albania
Me: Oh right. 

Oliver:  And the daddy was called Zero Arctic
Me:  So the monster was called Tom, the baby was called England, the mummy was called Albania and the daddy was called Zero Arctic?
Oliver:  No the boy monster was called Tom
Me:  Silly me
Oliver:  And they all went on holiday and stayed in a black caravan


Are your children good story tellers? What's the funniest story they've ever told you?


  1. Aren't children's imaginations brilliant?! It's such a shame that we lose that as we grow older.

    1. Where do they think these things up?! I hope if never grows out of it :) xx


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