The pox strikes again

15 May 2012

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts recently. This post was supposed to be about our holiday last week but I haven't had time to write that yet! Well as the title says, we've been struck by chicken pox again. It's Lydia's turn this time and she's got it really bad, bless her. I noticed the first spot on Friday just as we were leaving to come home from our holiday. Now she's covered in big horrible blistered spots. They're everywhere...  Including in her hair, ears, eyelids, even one in her mouth and on her tongue. She's really uncomfortable and itchy. Not a happy girl at all.

Sunday was a particularly bad day for us all. She was really unhappy so just wanted to cuddle all day. I was feeling really emotional too, just seeing my beautiful baby with all those spots broke my heart. Hubby very kindly went out to the pub to watch football, leaving me glued to the sofa with Lydia whilst trying to prise her off so I could see to Oliver's demands plus cooking tea and doing four loads of washing. Needless to say I was so wound up by the time hubby got home he got a right mouthful.

I didn't get much sleep last night either. Hubby ended up downstairs on the sofa and Lydia in bed with me... Just to get a bit of sleep.

Anyway she seems a tiny bit better today so hopefully she's past the worst of it. We're still in quarantine as chicken pox is highly contagious but we sneaked out this afternoon for a drive to one of our favourite places as I knew we'd be there wouldn't be anyone else there. Don't even ask me what this place is called but its somewhere on the Yorkshire moors and its kind of a viewpoint with amazing views over the moors and a reservoir. There's a small carpark and usually an ice cream van {that's why the Darlings like going there}. It was just nice to stretch our legs and get out in the very fresh Yorkshire air!

My house has been totally neglected while Lydia's been ill so I've got a few jobs that need doing tonight try to finish my post about our holiday and catch up on reading all your blogs too!


  1. The photos are beautiful. I hope little Lydia gets feeling better soon. Poor little girl.


    1. Thanks Irish, she's much better today and no longer contagious so we can leave the house now! X

  2. It is really a bad thing. Hope she enjoys the sites there.

    1. Thank you Stefan, my son had a very mild case but I wasn't that lucky with Lydia. She's on the mend now x


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