Sealife Centre Great Yarmouth

30 May 2012

When we were on holiday in Great Yarmouth the other week we visited the Sealife Centre. It was a bit of a cold rainy day so we had a rethink of our plans to try and find somewhere indoors to visit. I thought the Darlings would enjoy looking at all the fish there but I didn't expect there to be Sharks, Crocodiles and Penguins too!

There really are lots of things to see and do. Oliver loved the interactive rock pool where he stroked a starfish! My favourites were the turtles... they all had a number painted on their back and you had to match them up to their names on the chart. The 1 million litre underwater tank full of sharks was amazing, walking through the tunnel surrounded by sharks was very cool. The penguins were so cute, they all had a different coloured 'bracelet' on so you could look on a chart to see what their name was. Lydia loved it all too and learned a new word "Ish" {fish}!

There's also a soft play centre and cafe so you can have lunch and a sit down while the little uns have a play.



Underwater shark tank




Nemo! {aka a clownfish}

One tip I would give is to book online before you go. It's 30% cheaper if you do. Your tickets are valid all day so you get your hand stamped and can come and go as you please. We had a walk round the Sealife Centre, then went out for lunch and a walk round Great Yarmouth promenade, then went back in later in the afternoon when it was much quieter and we could have a longer look at everything.

Pay them a visit the next time you're in Great Yarmouth!


  1. I love our Sealife Centre! Especially the penguins :) Hope you had a good holiday despite the constant Yarmouth drizzle we tend to have going on... xx

    1. We had a fab holiday thanks, loved Yarmouth. The weather was weird... it was sunny, rainy and foggy all in one day! XX


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