Reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

31 May 2012

Walking into work this morning I suddenly remembered it was Thursday so time for my reasons to be cheerful again. I haven't had time to think of anything before now as we've been so busy out in the sun that blogging has not been high on my list of priorities this week. I haven't done much of anything this week so I'll have to write this quick as I've got a pile of ironing that's as tall as me which must be done tonight.

Anyway, please pop over to visit Mich at Mummy From The Heart who hosts this fab linky. Click on the pic to the left to visit her and read all the other lovely Reasons to be Cheerful. Here are mine...

1  //  We had a fabulous week enjoying the sun. Days in the park, on the playing field, in the garden and fun in the paddling pool, to name but a few things we got up to in the sun. The good weather gives me a sense of freedom... there are so many more things to do when the weather is fine, like going for a quick walk in the witching hour between tea and bedtime. We're so lucky to have some lovely playing fields with a playground right across the road from our house, and spent lots of time over there when it was sunny.

2  //  I'm really looking forward to the Jubilee celebrations this weekend. I'm going to put our union jack bunting up outside our house tomorrow and make my jubilee cupcakes this weekend. My mum and dad are having a barbecue to celebrate the occasion on Tuesday. It will be mayhem with a house filled with 4 children under 3 and all the adults too but it'll be brilliant. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us so we can enjoy it all in the garden.

3  //  I got my new Kindle Touch today and can't wait to have a proper play with it. I already have Kindle for Android on my mobile but I've got so many books stored on it that it's taking up too much memory space so I thought I'd buy myself the real thing. I've got loads of books downloaded already so will hopefully spend a bit of time reading over the weekend.

4  //  I tried pear cider for the first time this week and love it. I haven't drunk cider since I was 18 years old when I had a bad experience involving too much of the stuff resulting in me being very ill! I really fancied an alcoholic drink on the hot evenings this week so thought I'd give it a try as it looked really refreshing in a glass full of ice. I was right. It really is the perfect drink for hot summer evenings sat in the garden when the Darlings have gone to bed.

5  //  My cupcakes for work sold out in 13 minutes! I volunteered to make some for a cake sale at work to raise money for a few charities. I made some double chocolate cupcakes. The cake sale started at 10am and my colleague came to tell me they'd all been sold at 10.13am! And they made £9.00 towards the total raised.

6 //  My dad has got a few holiday brochures so we've started to plan our holiday next year. The whole family is going so there'll be 6 adults and 4 children. Hopefully we'll be booking something very soon.

7  //  I spent the morning helping out at Oliver's playgroup last Friday. It was lovely to see him there playing so nicely with his friends. His keyworker went through his file with me and it was lovely reading the notes and observations she's written about him. I was really surprised and impressed with some games that she did with him where he had to copy the letters on the page, he did them all perfectly.

So what have you got to smile about this week? If you want to see what other people are cheerful about, pop on over to Mummy from the Heart to read their stories or follow the linky below!


  1. wow, for someone who hasn't done much this week, you seem to have a lot of very credible reasons to be cheerful! I love the sound of the jubilee cupcakes, wish I had been so organised...enjoy your w/end.

    1. Thanks Suzanne, I've only been busy with fun things this week so the cleaning and ironing were ignored! Xx

  2. That was a lovely list. The cupcakes sound wonderful! Pear cider sounds fab too. Enjoy this weekend!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I can't wait to make my cupcakes and when they're done I'll relax with a cider! X

  3. You sound like you've had a great week! So many things to be cheerful about. I do think the good weather can make life so much easier. That pear cider sounds so refreshing too. I was debating making some cupcakes for the jubilee. You've inspired me. (Although mine will be v. basic!) Have a great weekend

    1. My cupcakes will only be basic too! But I've got some mini union jack flags and red, white and blue sprinkles to top them with! I'll definitely be having a glass or two of pear cider too!

      Have a fab weekend too xx


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