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17 May 2012

We don't go swimming very often, in fact we haven't been since our holiday last year *hangs head in shame*. I feel bad about it as it's one of those things we just don't get round to doing. I want the Darlings to be enjoy swimming, I want them to be good swimmers and confident in the water.

We finally got ourselves organised and went swimming the week before we went on holiday. We all had a fab time but Oliver was so scared. He was clinging to me or hubby and refused to let go and swim on his own. He's got one of those float vests so he won't sink but he just didn't have the confidence. Lydia, on the other hand, loved swimming and jumping in and splashing us all!

The swimming pool on holiday  (Source)
On holiday last week, we went swimming every day. Oliver loved it and we had a huge breakthrough as he finally found his water confidence. On our first day, he was clinging to me for a while until I distracted him and gently let go. After a few seconds he realised he was floating on his own, panicked a bit, then he was off! He just got more and more confident and was swimming the full width of the pool {well it was doggy paddle but he was moving!} We played at him pretending to rescue me and he even went down the slides with hubby. I was so happy to see him really enjoying himself. I wish I had some photos of the Darlings in the pool but I don't think cameras are allowed so these photos are of the pool on holiday.

The slides at the Haven holiday park at Caister on Sea (Source)

I can't leave out Lydia from this post! She just loved being in the water especially splashing us and going in the jacuzzi! I don't want to leave it so long until the next time we go swimming as I don't want her to end up being scared of the water. We're definitely going to go swimming more often {we've already been once since we got back from our hols} and I'm thinking of booking some proper lessons for Oliver.

Do your children like swimming?  Do they have lessons?

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