My Darlings and spots!

3 May 2012

I noticed a spot on Oliver's back when we went swimming on Sunday but didn't think anything of it. Then on Monday morning when I was getting him dressed I noticed a couple of spots on his leg with little blisters on them. I just knew straight away it was chicken pox!

Luckily he's absolutely fine and very happy with his spots! He hasn't got too many and is not itching at all!

So we've been in quarantine since Monday because he's still at the contagious stage. We've all been going a little stir crazy so this afternoon we went to our local playground. We'd only been there a few minutes when a group of children from a nearby nursery turned up. So being the responsible mummy that I am, we quickly legged it to another playground! I didn't want to be responsible for causing all those innocent children catch the pox too!

The only problem we have now, is that we're going on holiday in 4 days! Flipping typical! Bad timing or what? Now I'm on 'Spot Watch' for Lydia getting it. And she's got some very faint but suspicious looking pink spots on her tummy. Obviously its not going to stop us from going on holiday {we're only going to Great Yarmouth!} Oliver's spots are starting to scab over now so he won't be contagious by the time we go. But if Lydia gets it we won't be able to take her swimming which will be such a shame.

So please, my lovely followers {and anyone else who has happened to chance upon this post} please pray/cross fingers/send positive vibes that my Darlings will have a pox free holiday!


  1. Ah, bless, I can remember a holiday from hell in France when my eldest was 2. Grandma forgot her passport, it rained for two weeks solid, then on the last day the Pox appeared!!! Within hours he was smothered. We had to smuggle him on to the ferry (I feared being stuck in France in rain for a day more than necessary!!) Get well soon!!

    1. Oh no, that sounds awful! At least you can look back and laugh about it now. Fingers crossed my children are pox free on holiday! xx

  2. Hoping Lydia doesn't get the pox too and can enjoy swimming. I hope you all enjoy your vacation and have a great time. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


    1. Thank you Irish. No spots yet and we're having a brilliant holiday! X


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