Jubilee excitement!

21 May 2012

I always get swept away by these events! I was excited for weeks before the Royal wedding last year and on the day I actually got myself and the Darlings dressed up in red, white and blue clothes for the day {did I actually just admit that?!} I love weddings and I love the royal family so it was a match made in heaven for me. I think I even shed a tiny tear when I first saw Prince William all dressed up in his red jacket!

                                                                        Source: google.co.uk via Debra on Pinterest

Anyway, I'm loving the build up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which is a couple of weeks away. My parents are holding a barbecue for all the family on the Jubilee day. I'm really looking forward to it but I love the weeks preceding the event too. Seeing all the Union Jack flags everywhere and hearing everyone's plans for the day. I love all the ad's on TV with the companies cashing in on the occasion and the over-use of the Union Jack.

Speaking of the Union Jack, I was in Sainsburys the other day and as I walked in, straight in front of me was a massive display of Union Jack merchandise. I just couldn't resist. I filled my trolley with loads all these things. {The magazine had free union Jack cupcakes cases and is full of Jubilee ideas}.

But I didn't stop there. My thoughts then turned to making some Jubilee cupcakes. I bought some themed cupcake cases from Sainsbury's but I wanted a few more decorations so off I popped to eBay and bought some red, white and blue sprinkles and some little flags!

Now I just have to plan what I'm going to wear on the day!

 So am I the only one who's excited about the Jubilee? What are your plans for the day? 


  1. oo i cant wait for the jubilee! i love everything royal and british related. My niece has to have a jubilee hat made for school, so i cant wait to start that! x

    1. Glad its not just me who's excited. I hope to see some pics of the Jubilee hat on your blog! XX


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