Week in pictures... rain, shopping and Steps!

27 April 2012

What time do your children go to bed?  Is 6.20pm too early for them to be in bed asleep?

The Darlings were uber-tired tonight so that's what time they were both in bed and fast asleep! Lydia didn't have an afternoon nap as she slept over lunchtime so she was very tired and whingy. Oliver had a total meltdown at dinner time as he bit his own finger {kids eh!} while eating his dinner and proceeded to cry for the next 20 minutes! He calmed down eventually after a cuddle but Hubby and I made an executive decision to put them to bed early. We actually felt it would be cruel to keep them awake any longer!

So I thought I'd do a 'Week in  Pictures' post  to show what we've been up to this week.

It's been raining all week so we've spent lots of time indoors. Oliver is really into playing with his cars  at the moment and Lydia wanted to dress up as Spiderman. Or should that be Spiderbaby! She loves copying what her big brother does!

I actually bought something for myself this week. I don't buy much for myself nowadays as I go a bit overboard buying clothes for the Darlings. But I saw these {in Asda!} this week and just had to treat myself.

We had a rare glimpse of sunshine so the Darlings were straight outside playing in the garden.

And my highlight of the week was going to see Steps in concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester. I went with a couple of friends from work, one of whom had never been to a live concert before! I had THE most fabulous time singing along to all the songs, doing a few dance moves and even a tiny bit of screaming {I was a bit tipsy and I'm an old-school Steps fan!}

How was your week? What was the highlight for of your week?

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