My son... the thief!

28 April 2012

Last week Oliver came home from playgroup with a small toy spider in his pocket. When he showed it to me he was very proud of himself! I didn't want to make a big deal out of it so explained that he's not allowed to take things from playgroup as they are not his and they are for all the children at playgroup to play with. We took it back the next day.

A few days later, after playgroup, he produced 2 small bricks from his pocket. Again I explained why he shouldn't take them and he was made to take them back.

The next day he came home with his pockets bulging full of bricks! He had those combat style jeans on with the pockets on the legs and those were also chock full of bricks! Again I explained why he can't take them from playgroup.  We put them all in a bag and I made him take them back the next day and say sorry to the lady who is in charge!

So on Thursday my sister picked him up from playgroup. When they got home Oliver proceeded to take a small toy from each of his 4 pockets and proudly show them to her! When I arrived she showed them to me so again I explained why he can't take things that aren't his. My parents were taking him to playgroup the next day so I asked my Dad to have a word with Gill {Oliver's favourite helper} and ask her to keep an eye on Oliver in case he put anything in his pockets.

Well that day he came out of playgroup and the first thing he said was 'Mummy I didn't take anything from playgroup today cos we're not allowed!' Now I don't know exactly what was said but, when they had quiet time at the end of the session, Gill explained to all the children that they can't take toys from playgroup as they are there for all the other boys and girls to play with. She didn't tell them that anything had been taken or mention any names.

I know its a phase that some 3 year olds go through and Oliver's just pushing the boundaries but I really hope this is the end of his career as a toy thief!

And the best thing for him is that Hubby has bought some bricks of his own!


  1. I had to laugh. I'm glad he's realised he can't do it any more :) x

    1. It was SO hard for me not to laugh at him! I hope this is the end of it now too xx

  2. This is so funny, but not at the same time! Hope he's past it now ;-)
    Last week Honey had managed to take a Ben and Holly toy off the shelf in a shop and i didn't realise till we were half the way home, so awful, I felt guilty for days! It's one of those things I think. xxxx

    1. Hi, I'm sure it's a phase and the lady at playgroup said they've had loads of children 'stealing' in the past. Bless Honey for taking the toy! But there's nothing you can do if you didn't see her lol! Hope she's enjoyed playing with it! xxx


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