Getting lost and coffee with my favourite boy

17 April 2012

We had a fairly sedate weekend at My Darlings and Me!

On Saturday we all had bacon or sausage butties for breakfast! I popped round to the sandwich shop for breakfast which was a very popular with the darlings {and hubby} who loved having a change from their usual weetabix and toast!

Then it was party time. We were invited to my best friend's daughters' 3rd birthday. It was being held at a soft play centre that I had never heard of and had no clue where it was, all I knew is that it was in a neighbouring village. So I was relying on the Sat Nav {which is never good for me!} I don't think the Sat Nav lady likes me as she took us to a little Cul-de-sac on the opposite side of the village. I flipping hate Sat Nav's, I'm way too much of a control freak to have a machine telling me where to go! I'm not using it ever again {I say that every time!} Thank god for mobile internet so I could find where we were supposed to be... we were only 20 minutes late!

Anyway, the Darlings had a blast. Lydia loved the trampoline. Oliver hurt his knee on the trampoline. I had a latte. They had lots of party food {it was quite healthy food for a kids party!} I had another coffee. But the toilets were disgusting!

Sunday was a quiet day. It was my turn for a lie in so hubby got up with the darlings {he's not all bad!}

Later Oliver and I popped out to Argos to get some storage boxes to go under his bed. On the way home we called in at Costa Coffee. I love going for a coffee date with Oliver! We don't often get any mummy and son time together so it's always lovely to do something special for just the two of us. A friend of mine recently posted a photo on Facebook of her son with a Babychino in Costa, so I asked Oliver if he wanted one. It was so cute in the tiny cup dusted with chocolate. Well he spilled his first sip all down his t-shirt and got his face covered in chocolate but he loved it! And he ate most of my Tiffin slice  - along with his own gingerbread Charlie Chick!


  1. Cute kids! I love when I get to have one on one time with my son. He's 7 now and we don't get to do that as much as I would like. Enjoy those moments.

    1. Aw thank you Cheryl. I hope to do the same with my daughter when she's old enough x


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