Friday Fun - 10 facts about me

6 April 2012


Happy Easter Friday! Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend. Well I've had a nice day off so far... me and the darlings spent the morning at my parents house. My sister and two nieces were there too so it was very noisy and crazy but we had a fab time. We're now having a quiet afternoon at home.

I'm looking forward to this evening because me and my sister are leaving our husbands at home with the children and going out for an Indian meal with our parents. I won some vouchers for the restaurant in a raffle at work, so I'm finally getting round to using them... nice cheap night out!

Well I hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend.... got anything special planned? As a bit of fun on Easter Friday I've put together 10 interesting facts about me... here goes!

1 // I've got pins and a plate in my left ankle. I broke it when I was 19 so the metalwork's been in since then. And no, I don't set the alarms of at the airport!

2 // I used to be a make-up artist. Many years ago I did a stint as a Virgin Cosmetics Consultant and through them I trained to be a make up artist. I mostly did wedding make-up and loved it.

3 // I hate peanuts! I've NEVER ever eaten peanut butter.

4 // I got married in Albania. Hubby is Albanian and we got married thee then had a blessing ceremony here 18 months later. So I got to wear my wedding dress twice!

5 // I love Hugh Jackman... Australia is one of my favourite films!

6  //  I've got a tattoo at the bottom of my back. Its a celtic type design {I'll take a photo and post it one day!}

7  //  I only have 2 really good friends. One I've known since I was very young but we became really good friends at 15 years old { 21 years ago!} and the other since we were 19, we met because our then boyfriends were friends!

8 //  I had Gestational Diabetes both times I was pregnant. I had to be very careful what I ate {no chocolate allowed!} and had lots of hospital care.

9 // When we move house, I want to have a Cherry Blossom tree in the garden.

10 // I believe in ghost and guardian angels. I've never seen one, but one of the houses I lived in at uni always felt like there was a 'presence'  there like I was being watched!

I hope this gave you a little more insight into me. Did anything in particular surprise you??? Do we share anything in common? I'd love to see your 10 facts and learn more about all of you too!

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  1. nice share :)) love hugh jackman too hehe

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