Easter 2012 with The Darlings

9 April 2012

What a busy Easter weekend we've had at My Darlings and Me! We've had a lovely time but thank goodness the weekend is over and I can go to work in the morning for a 'rest'!!! Now the Darlings are tucked up in bed asleep I can tell you a little about what we got up to...


We visited Hinchliffes Farm which is an open farm with a farm shop and restaurant. First stop was a look around the farm at all the animals. They have chickens, ducks, goats, two massive Shire horses, a donkey, a Fallabella stallion (which is a mini horse!) two very smelly pigs, an alpaca, a wallaby (who's just had a baby but we couldn't see as it was in her pouch!) and an owl. Oliver's favourite were the goats as he thought they were like the 'Billy Goats Gruff'!

The Darlings admiring the chickens and ducks
Lydia saying 'Hiya' to the chickens!
The week old baby goat was so cute!

Then we went into the restaurant for a bit of lunch.... Lydia and I shared a gorgeous hot beef sandwich with hand cut chips. Oliver said he wasn't hungry but he didn't say no to a strawberry muffin!

I didn't even get a chance to have a look round the farm shop as the Darlings wanted to go round the farm again before we went home. I had to tell a little white lie and say it was closing time so we had to go or we'd have never got home!


The Easter bunny paid us a visit on Sunday morning and left an obscene amount of Easter eggs! Everything was bought by family and friends except for the small bunny and chick that we bought for them.

The big Galaxy one at the back left is mine!
Grandma & Grandad always buy a Thornton's egg with their name on

Oliver nearly managed to eat a whole egg but had to leave a bit for later and Lydia ate more chocolate than she's eaten in her life! I'm now trying to ration them to a small amount of chocolate a day so I think it will take a few weeks to get through this lot! Oliver has also kindly donated one egg to his Grandad when he found out he hadn't got any Easter eggs!

The highlight of the whole Easter weekend was Sunday afternoon when we went to Cbeebies Live at the MEN arena in Manchester. My sister, my niece, Oliver and me all had the most fantastic time. Look out for my post tomorrow for all the details and photos!


Today we went to our local Easter fair. The weather was awful! It was raining, cold and miserable but we still decided to go just to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

Thank goodness we all wore our wellies (including me in my pink ones with cream spots!) as it was a total mudbath!

Oliver wanted to go on all the rides... he's such a little dare devil and would go on all the big rides if we let him. Instead hubby had a go on the 'Hook-A-Duck' game and won a Transformer toy for Oliver.

Oliver on the teacup ride

My little biker boy!

Just before he did a wee in the train!

Warming up with some jumping!

Can you spot Oliver at the bottom of the slide?!

Hubby enjoyed the dodgems as much as Oliver!

Last but not least

Lydia being as good as gold watching all the rides!

Poor Lydia was a bit left out of all the fun as she's too young to go on any rides yet. I had to keep her in the pushchair too as it was so muddy and slippy, I knew she'd fall and end up covered in mud! Luckily she didn't mind and sat there watching everything going on around her. Next year she'll be able to join Oliver on all the rides!

So I feel like we've had a really busy weekend. It's amazing what you can pack into a a few days!

Did you all have a good Easter weekend? Did you do anything special?


  1. Now that is an awesome family Easter celebration. What great memories you built.


    1. Hi Irish, Hope you had a lovely Easter too x

  2. Sounds and looks like you all had a lovely fun packed Easter Weekend.
    Great post
    Aimee x

    1. Thanks Aimee, I need a rest now! Hope you had a fab Easter too x

  3. Looks like you all had a perfect Easter weekend! So glad the Easter bunny made a stop at your house for your little cuties. I absolutely adore your blog. Xo

    1. Thank you, I'm so happy you like my blog! We have enough chocolate to last for weeks! Hope you had a fantastic Easter x

  4. If I'm a REALLY good girl this year, do you think Santa would bring me a week old goat? Gorgeous.Rx


    1. Haha! You'll have to write to Santa and ask him for one but if might make you wait till next Spring! X

  5. Your easter sounds like it was action packed! Hope you had lots of fun. The farm looks amazing! xx

    1. Thank you! It was such a lovely weekend and we'll definitely be visiting the farm again very soon x


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