Cbeebies Live!

10 April 2012

On Sunday we were Manchester bound to see Cbeebies Live - Reach To The Stars! Me and Oliver along with my sister Dawn and my niece Amelia all set off on the M62 to see the 2.00pm show at the MEN arena.

The children were very excited. They couldn't wait to see Mike the Knight, Postman Pat and Andy the presenter. We were just as excited as the kids {me about seeing Justin Fletcher and Dawn about seeing PC Plum!} After a stop off at the services for an urgent toilet break and a treat at Burger King... we arrived! 

As soon as we got in, Oliver saw loads of children with those 'spinning flashy light things' {is there an actual name for them!?}. We went to the merchandise desk {or rather total-rip-off-desk!) and I handed over £9 - yes 9 whole English pounds for one!

Then we found our way to our seats and waited for the show to start. The atmosphere was great with an arena filled with excited kids and adults who were either excited themselves or stressed out! Oliver was so hyper, he couldn't keep still. Amelia was a bit overwhelmed {she's only just 2 years old} but was so excited. Me and Dawn couldn't wait for it to start!

 It opened with Cbeebies presenters Justin, Andy, Katie and Andrew {who plays PC Plum} and lots of singing and dancing. the first characters out were from Lazytown... Robbie Rotten announced he was going to steal all the stars of Cbeebies so he could be the biggest star of all. 

On came Postman Pat, Zingzillas, Mr Maker, Squiglet, Mike the Knight, PC Plum and the star of the show... Mr Tumble! There were loads of well known songs to join in with and Oliver was up dancing the whole time doing all the moves. Amelia sat quietly some of the time on her mums or my knee, watching intently but she loved it. I was singing along and shouting at the top of my voice at Robbie Rotten every time he stole a star! The finale was Lazytown's Sportacus and Stephanie saving the day by making Robbie Rotten release the Cbeebies stars and say sorry.

It was an absolutely fantastic show that we all thoroughly enjoyed. We had a wonderful, fun-filled time and the kids were tired but chattering away about it all the way home.


  1. Awww....that looks like so much fun...they look so happy. Glad you all had a good time.


    1. Thanks Irish! It's the first time we've taken them to anything like that... I can't wait to go next year! x


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