April photo a day challenge... DONE!

30 April 2012

Phew! I've just posted my final photo for April!

I've really enjoyed this month. I feel more comfortable and confident taking photos. I think I'm also developing a style of my own too. I take all the photos on my mobile phone {HTC Desire if you were wondering!} which has an absolutely brilliant camera. I've been really impressed that the close up photos have come out so clearly and with so much detail.

I was really happy when Instagram for Android was launched at the beginning of April, so I've been posting all my photos on there. As well as on Twitter and of course on here!

You can view all my photos here or click on the 'Photo A Day' button on the left. Here is a selection of my favourite photos.

Day 7 // Shadow

Day 15 // Sunset

Day 19  //  Orange

Day 21 // Bottle

Day 25  //   Looking down

Day 26  //  Something you're grateful for
Day 29  //  Circle

So onwards and upwards to May! I think I might struggle even more with next month's as some of the prompt words are going to be a real challenge.

So what do you think about my photos? If you've been part of the photo challenges please feel free to leave a comment with a link so that I can have a look at yours!


  1. Hi,
    I saw your blog link in the comment on FatMumSlim's April challenge post. And I am glad I started following your blog. You are pretty good with taking photos and your children are simply adorable. Have fun with the May Challenge too :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. I love the photo a day challenges, its great fun! I hope you're enjoying it too, your photos are great! X


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