My lovely mothers day

19 March 2012

What a lovely Mothers Day I had yesterday!

My day started with a nice lie in (even though I couldn't get back to sleep... sod's law!) Then the darlings came up with my cards (hubby had bought one from each of them) and Oliver had done some cute scribbles in them! Oliver had also made me a card at his playgroup... the sweetest card I've ever seen that brought a tear to my eye!

 Then my pressies... a beautiful mirrored butterfly picture frame, a yummy mummy cookie and two bookmarks... both made by Oliver at playgroup and toddler group!

Me and the darlings then paid a quick visit to my mum with her cards and presents... a big scented candle and a sunflower growing kit! She loved them of course.

Then the best part of my day. The darlings stayed at home with hubby whilst me and my sister joined my mum and dad at their gym for an hour in the spa! So we lazed around in the spa pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. It was amazingly relaxing and I loved every minute of it.


When I got home my friend had delivered my Avon order with my new perfume that I had ordered as a Mother's Day present to myself!

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day. How did you spend your day?

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