Listography... 5 photos that sum up my week

4 March 2012

Thanks to Kate at Kate Takes 5 for this idea! So here's my week in photos.

1.  This weekend, my washing machine has been on constantly... now it all needs to be put away before it all starts again!

2.  I don't normally go to the supermarket (love my Asda delivery!) but me and the darlings had a trip to Morrisons to pick up a few bits this morning.

3.  We made the most of the lovely spring weather yesterday and had a couple of hours in our local park. The darlings LOVED it!

4. It was my nieces 2nd birthday on Monday. We went to a lovely tea party for her and this was her amazing cake.

 5. On Tuesday we went to The White Rose Shopping Centre and the darlings loved this ride!


  1. oh wow the birthday cake is great

    The Life Of Mrs P

  2. I know! She loves Peppa Pig so was delighted with it! x

  3. Hi Debra
    Saw your comment on my blog and am here to return the comments / follow. It's nice to see another British blogger and one from not too far away too. :-)
    I like the concept of "my week in pictures" - especially with a trip to the supermarket haha - I think my week would include a pic of the supermarket every day as I seem to live there haha.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

    Caite xo


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