I love spring!

25 March 2012

Well it's officially spring. A big WOOHOO from me! Spring is my favourite season... I love the lighter mornings and evenings, the bursts of colour from the spring flowers and all the new buds appearing on the trees.

Spring gives me a real sense of anticipation. I do love Summer but Spring gives me that feeling of good things to come over the next few months... warm sunny days (hopefully, but never guaranteed here in the north of England!), family days out, holidays (it's on my to-do list to sort out our holiday!).

Last Spring and Summer were the best ever as I was on maternity leave and I have such lovely memories of days in the park and our first family holiday.

Memories of our holiday last year

For the past couple of weeks I've been buying fresh flowers. We've currently got some beautiful tulips and some bright daffodils to brighten up the house. There was a particularly good selection of flowers last week as everywhere were selling off their flowers after Mother's Day!

Today's new flowers!

I've got some great plans for improving our little garden and get it ready for spring and summer!
  • I want the paving stones to be replaced with some nicer ones, so the darlings can safely ride around on their bikes
  • Get the hedges cut down and a nice fence put up for more privacy and safety for the darlings
  • And hopefully taking the hedges down will create two more small bedding areas where I can plant some more flowers.

I just need to get someone to come and give us a quote... better add that to my to-do list!


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