Hoping for a holiday

28 March 2012

I've spent most of the evening looking for a holiday! We were planning on going in June but my parents have booked their holiday for early May... they usually look after the darlings, so hubby and I would have to book a week off work and decided if we are doing that, we might as well go on holiday that week!

We had a lovely holiday last June at a holiday park at Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast. It was a big Haven park and we loved it! We were so lucky to have fabulous weather and had some lovely days out around the area and at the beautiful beach. Oliver loved it and Lydia was only 6 months old so slept most of the time!

So I've been looking for a similar holiday but somewhere in North Norfolk this time. Hubby has basically left it up to me to make all the decisions (glad he trusts me!) But oh my goodness it is so much more expensive this year!The prices have gone up so much since last year. So I've been searching all night to try and find it as cheap as possible (as you do!) and have just got a bit overwhelmed with all the choices... 4 nights or 7 nights? Deluxe Plus or Prestige caravan? Which holiday park? Which dates? Too many decisions!

I'd better hurry up and decide as I need to get it booked this week!

What about you? Have you got a holiday booked for this year? Please share with me what your plans are!


  1. We don't get much of a vacation. My husband is a professor but works another job in a different state during the summer months. The kids and I will join him in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois USA for about a month and a half and then, if I'm lucky, I will get to drive up to Ohio with the kids to visit both families for a bit. Not very relaxing but it's nice to see everyone.

    1. Hi Cheryl, Hope you have a lovely time when you get away x

  2. I love to go on holiday and we are planning one but as yet haven't booked it. I abide last minute deals but thats usually what we end up going for!!x

    1. Last minute deals are ok of you get a bargain! but I like to know it's all booked well in advance so I can start planning and list-writing! Have a great time wherever you go x


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