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23 March 2012

TFI Friday! Well it's been a busy week as usual. I'm still on my mad cleaning/organising/clearing-out spree and have been ploughing through my massive to-do list. It's so satisfying to tick a few more items off and I've also made a tiny bit of money selling old baby things on ebay!

I'm going to relax this weekend and I'm looking forward to doing some more baking with Oliver. But for now, I thought I'd give you a little bit more of an insight into me. I saw this post on the brilliant blog of Jane at Life on Planet Baby and thought it was a fab idea for a Friday. Off we go!

A // Age: 36 I think!

B // Bed size: King size. I love having a massive bed, I need loads of space and can't be doing with being squashed together in bed! 

C // Chore that you hate: Ironing. I've always hated it so when hubby moved in with me we agreed that I would do the washing and he would do the ironing! We've stuck to it to this day only I iron the darlings clothes now, and he irons ours!

D // Dogs: I'm a bit scared of them. Even the small ones!

E // Essential start to your day: Breakfast. I bloody love my brekkie! During the week it's porridge, a cereal bar and milky coffee! Every Saturday morning though, me and the darlings (hubby's turn for a lie in!) go out for breakfast of sausage, hash browns, fried egg, baked beans and lots of buttered toast... it's the highlight of my week!

F // Favourite colour: Red or purple, I like both of them depending on what mood I'm in!

G // Gold or Silver: I'll have to be picky and say white gold! My wedding and engagement rings are white gold. I like the appearance of silver but the quality of gold. 

H // Height: 5 foot 10". Yes I'm quite tall and I've always liked being tall!

I // Instruments you play: Oh dear. I played the clarinet at school but I was rubbish at it! I was once in the orchestra for a school show and I think I played a few notes and pretended to play the rest! I can also play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the kids toy keyboard. Does that count?! 

J // Job title: Complaints Administrator

K // Kids: My little darlings - Oliver (3) and Lydia (1)

My gorgeous children!

L // Live: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

M // Mother’s name: Denise (I love my mum's name!)

N // Nicknames: Deb or Debs but NEVER Debbie! I've got nothing against Debbie's but my mum would never let anyone use it when I was a child and it really doesn't suit me.

O // Overnight hospital stays: When I broke my ankle and had it pinned back together when I was 19 years old. I also stayed in hospital overnight when the darlings were born. Then I stayed in hospital overnight a few weeks ago when Lydia was ill. That's it *touches wood*.

P // Pet peeve: People who park in parent parking spaces at the supermarket when they have no children with them. Aaarrrggghhh! Enough said.
Q // Quote from a film: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing. Also from the same film "I carried a watermelon!" Love this film!!

R // Right or left handed: Right

S // Siblings: One sister who's 2.5 years younger than me. We're really close and see each other a few times a week... and between us we've had 4 children in 2.5 years!!!

T // Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 6.45am when it's a work day, otherwise I sleep until one of the children wakes me up which is usually 7.00-7.30am. I hate early morning wake-up's so Oliver has a GroClock so he knows when it's time to get up!
The GroClock - Best thing ever invented!

U // Underwear: God I'm so boring when it comes to underwear! It's either plain black or white and bra and knickers have to match.

V // Vegetable you hate: Lettuce. Yes it is a vegetable! I had to double check on Wikipedia but it is. It's the most pointless food around! You might as well eat fresh air.

W // What makes you run late: The kids! I hate being late for anything so try to be really organised but without fail Oliver starts playing up or takes ages for him to put his coat and shoes on... so I usually end up shouting at him to get a move on and get stressed out before I've even left the house!

X // X-Rays you’ve had: My first one was at 5 years old when I swallowed a 5 pence piece! I remember seeing it really clearly on the x-ray. I've also got a framed x-ray of my ankle with the pins and plate in it! My dad worked at the hospital and managed to get me a copy of it and had it framed for me! 

Y // Yummy food that you make: Spaghetti Bolognese... so easy to make and everyone loves it.

Lydia loves my Spag Bol!

Z // Zoo animal: I like all baby animals but especially Pandas... so cute!

Phew! Hope you made it to the end! So what do you think of me now??? Do we share anything in common? I'd love to see your A-Z's and learn more about you lot out there too!


  1. Oh Debra, you gorgeous girl - thanks for the sweet mention, Oh Tall One! I'm so intrigued that you love red. Watch me run, screaming in the opposite direction! Isn't it funny - I associate red with anger but an artist friend tells me it represents strength and power. What do you think? J x

    1. Thanks Jane, I love your blog, it's such an inspiration to a new blogger like me!

      I love red because I think it's vibrant, positive and warm. It's interesting how we all perceive colours differently! xx

  2. I had no idea Lettuce was a vegetable...although I guess what else could it be? I have to say, the movie quote is classic (just don't tell anyone I knew it was from Dirty Dancing even without the picture!).

  3. Thanks for the follow! This post inspired me and I have taken up the challenge.


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