Extreme spring cleaning?

16 March 2012

I really don't know what's come over me? I've been cleaning, tidying, organising and clearing out like a mad woman! You have to know that this is really out of character for me. Yes, I'm a tidy freak, always have been... but I hate cleaning. Don't get me wrong, my house is not filthy but I just about keep on top of it and don't enjoy it (who does?!) I think I've just neglected loads of things since the kids were born.

So this is what I've done this week (on top of my four mornings at work!)
  • Sorted through all the kids baby clothes
  • Sorted through 2 huge bags of girls clothes I was given 2 months ago
  • Taken some clothes to the charity shop
  • Listed some baby clothes on ebay
  • Tidied the garden
  • Washed down all the kids toys in the garden
  • Taken crap from the garden to the tip
  • Given the hallway a mini-makeover (new shoe rack, storage baskets and hangers for kids coats)
  • Sorted through a box of baby paraphernalia in Oliver's bedroom.
  • Sorted out all the crap on top of my kitchen cupboards and labelled the box files on there
  • Cleaned the whole house from top to bottom
  • Sorted out our mortgage because the fixed rate is due to end soon
  • Sorted out our home insurance
  • Done all my filing that I haven't done for about a year
  • Done some baking with Oliver
  • Started making some Easter cards with Oliver 

I've still got loads more things on my to do list
  • Sort out all the crap under Oliver's bed
  • List old toys on ebay
  • Shorten new curtains for the living room and hang them 
  • Oliver's bedroom - get a new light shade and take the border off
  • Wash cushion covers
  • Put up some shelves in the living room 
  • Properly clean the oven

 I'm really not sure of the reasons for this sudden extreme behaviour...
  • Spring??? Is this extreme style spring cleaning?
  • Have I got more energy because I've lost some weight?
  • Reading blogs/Pinterest has inspired me given me a kick up the arse?
  • We've got a potential buyer coming to view the house tomorrow morning?
  • Maybe there are other things in my life that need 'clearing out'? 
  • Or is this the onset of OCD?

Whatever the reason, I'm getting great satisfaction from it all and my house is looking better and better every day!

What do you think is happening to me? Has this happened to you?!


    1. Can I have some of that motivation please ;)

      1. Haha! It's taken me 36 years to get this motivation! X

    2. Send some of this my way please, I hate cleaning etc! Like you I like a clean and tidy house, just don't like doing it. I spend a few hours a week dedicated to cleaning but thats it! I must say though you sound like your in that 'nesting' phase of pregnancy!!! HA ha! Your not are you?! x

      1. No definitely not pregnant... I never even 'nested' this much when I was! x

    3. I will not spring clean when it is technically still Winter. Now after Tuesday I can't use that excuse anymore! I'm already following you - just stopped by from the blog hop weekend.


    4. Wow...it must be in the air....everyone keeps talking about all the things they are getting done. I just painted a room and redecorated it over the last two weekends...LOL I ventured over from the blog hop on clairjustineoxox. I'm probably one of your newest followers. I like your posts and sites....looking forward to reading more.


    5. Hi Irish, I'm glad it's not just me that's on a mad cleaning/organising spree! Sounds like you're getting loads done too.

      Thanks for visiting x

    6. Hi ! Just found your blog ! Lovin it! Follow me back if you like:)
      Xo Tami

    7. wow, you have been busy. What an achievement. Puts me to shame! Lovely blog which I have enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work x

      1. Aw thank you! It's so lovely to have feedback from readers x


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