A bit of baking

10 March 2012

Me and Oliver did a bit of baking this afternoon. I'm not going to lie... we used a cupcake kit! My kitchen is the teeny-tiniest in the world so I don't have the cupboard space to store baking ingredients and my worktop space is the size of a postage stamp!

Anyway, I've been meaning to do some baking with Oliver for a while, so we just threw the box in the shopping trolley when we were at the supermarket!

Easy peasy cupcakes!

Oliver mixing it up!

Ready to pop in the oven

Cooling down before icing them

The finished cupcake... very yummy!

I'm very impressed with how they turned out... really light and fluffy, and the icing is delicious. Oliver loved helping to make them and loved eating them even more!

I hope I didn't spoil it by being an OCD mum... they were allowed one each and I made him and Lydia eat them in the kitchen, hovering with my dustpan and brush to sweep up of all the crumbs!!!

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