Weigh In - Week 7

27 February 2012

Another 1lb lost this week... yippee! So a total of 13lbs in 7 weeks. I'm really pleased with how its going. I can feel that I've lost weight... my clothes are looser, I've had to buy some new jeans in a smaller size and a few people who don't know I'm dieting have commented to say I look like I've lost weight!

I still treat myself to a takeaway on a Saturday night. But now instead of pizza or korma, I'll  have something healthier like a chicken kebab in pitta bread (356 cals) or a KFC Brazer burger meal (640 cals). I wouldn't be able to do this diet of I didn't have something to look forward to and have a treat now and again.

I don't want to deprive myself of anything or else I'll just get obsessed with wanting to eat it! So if I fancy some chocolate or crisps, I'll have a treat size bag of chocolate buttons (74 cals) or a packet of Walkers French Fries (84 cals). Before I might have had a KitKat Chunky (263 cals) or a packet or McCoys crisps (258 cals).

It's the small changes like these that are making a difference but mean that I'm not suffering too much!

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