Weigh In - Week 5

11 February 2012

Saturday is my weigh-in day but I wasn't holding out much hope of a loss this week. Not because I've been eating badly (apart from the cream tea at the spa on Monday!) but because I have done a couple of sneaky weigh-ins during the week! I weighed myself on Tuesday and had gained 3lb and weighed myself on Friday and had gained 2lb. Anyway the official weigh in was this morning and I have gained 1lb.

So I stayed the same last week and gained 1lb this week but I've done nothing different to the first 3 weeks of the diet when I lost 9lbs. I've not gone over my daily calorie allowance all week. I wonder if my body is now getting used to having less calories? Should I do more exercise? I'm disappointed that I've hit this wall so early on. Oh well I'm just going to carry on and stick with it and hopefully the weight loss will catch me up next week!

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