Total Relaxation

6 February 2012

What an absolutely amazing, relaxing, chilled out day I've had today! Me, my sister and my friend arrived at Titanic Spa at 9.30am for our Heat & Ice Experience day. After a quick tour of the facilities, we changed into our swimwear and towelling robes and made our way to the 'Experience Rooms'.

We spent the morning going between, the Crystal Steam Room, the Herbal Infusion Room, the Aromatherapy Room, the Saunarium and Sauna cabin, the Ice room(!), the Plunge pool and the Experience showers! Then we had a  leisurely 30 minute swim followed by a dip in the jacuzzi and a lovely rest on the sun loungers around the pool. 

The Crystal Steam Room

Lunch was then served in the Bistro which was a buffet consisting of vegetable curry and rice, chicken in tomato sauce, new potatoes, jacket potatoes, noodle salad, potato salad, greek salad, rocket salad and ciabatta bread smothered in butter!It was delicious but probably didn't help the diet!

Full from our lunch, we headed to the Relaxation Lounge which is filled with beanbags, loungers, pillows and lovely soothing music and dimmed lighting. I got very comfy in the beanbag pit and laid back and read my book while my sister and friend had a little snooze! When we finally emerged from the Relaxation Lounge we were surprised to discover we'd been in there for 3 hours!

The Relaxation Lounge

Then it was back to the Bistro for an afternoon tea of scones smothered in jam and clotted cream with a lovely cup of tea.

After a quick shower, we headed back home to reality... where I was greeted by the darlings with lots of big smiles, cuddles and kisses... I had a fantastic time but still missed them a bit!

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