The reasons...

25 February 2012

Only three and a half years until my 40th birthday *screams* so here are all my reasons for losing weight before I hit the big one.
  1. I was either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both) for 3.5 years and now I've got my body back to myself I want to make as good as it deserves
  2. I want to be able to buy clothes from anywhere, not just plus size shops and websites
  3. To feel fitter and not so knackered all the time
  4. Not to ache all over when I get out of bed in the morning
  5. When my children get older, I don't want them to look at other mums and wonder why their mum is so much bigger
  6. To stop looking around and realising that I'm the fattest person in the room
  7. To be able to climb around the playgym/play football/run around with the darlings and not get out of breath after 2 minutes...  I want them to grow up with memories of a healthy and fit mum
  8. To feel attractive and get noticed by people
  9. When I look in the mirror I don't see a fat person (I'm in denial!) so I want my body to match what's in my head!
  10. To be able to wear skirts (with tights and long boots in the winter)


  1. I have denial issues! I think I am thin but my dress size disagrees...

    Good luck, my diet started today it has gone rather well, tomorrow I am having dust for breakfast x x x

    1. Good luck with your diet too, hope you enjoyed your dust! X


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