The joys of the playgym

10 February 2012

It snowed a bit this morning. So while I was at work I was trying to think of something to do with the darlings to get us all out of the house this afternoon. There was by no means inches of snow but it was freezing and I didn't fancy going out in the cold today.

Anyway, I decided to go to a playgym, soft play or whatever you want to call it! So after a quick lunch (quiche with salad today) off we popped to Fizzy Lizards. We go to quite a few different playgym's in the area but this is one of my favourites. It's located in a huge complex called Cathedral House which also includes a coffee shop, book shop, conference facilities and 2100 seat auditorium!

Anyway, the playgym is really light and bright, having floor to ceiling windows along the full length one wall. It's really spacious which is a big plus for me as I tend to feel a little claustrophobic in some playgyms when all the tables are tightly packed together and there are no open spaces! The cafe is brilliant too, with a really good choice of food for both adults and children... paninis, jacket potatoes, baguettes, kids meals... all yummy stuff! It also has a fab outdoor play area which is lovely when the weather permits! The only negative about the place (in my humble opinion) is it's quite pricey. £3.50 each for entry and the food is a bit expensive too. So by the time I've paid for them both, bought drinks, snacks, a coffee for me, I've spent well over £10.... I don't mean to sound tight because I'm not (well not much!) but I'm just comparing it to other playgyms we visit that are cheaper.

The darlings love it too! The actual playgym bit is quite small which is great for their age group as Oliver feels confident to go in by himself and Lydia can even manage to do a bit of climbing (with my help). There's a lovely baby section too that is great for the really young ones. I must admit that I love going in too! It's such a great workout! I'm sure I burn loads of calories climbing round after the darlings.

So what do you think about playgyms? Personally I love them and wish they'd been around when I was a kid! I do however think there's pro's and con's to these places. I'm a firm believer in getting the darlings out in the fresh air and enjoying as much time as possible outdoors so I would never go to a playgym when it's nice weather, we prefer to go to the park or playground. We had a brilliant time this afternoon though and the darlings were both tired out and fast asleep by 7pm and I'll be in bed very soon too!

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